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Housekeeping -

Job Summary
To see to the cleanliness and the appearance of guest accommodations and
public space and carry out assignments in accordance with established standards.
Responsible for all housekeeping problems, supplies, linen, equipment, work orders to
Maintenance Staff and any other duties as assigned or required within the scope of the
description below.

1. Responsible for the cleaning of corridors, guest room/areas, service areas, lobby
and linen closets inclusive of vacuuming.
2. Change bed linen daily.
3. Shut off all lights, TVs and air conditioners when leaving room.
4. Deposits linen down chute and carries trash to dumpster.
5. Uniform and nametag at all times on property. Delivers rollaway and cribs to
6. Advise when mattresses need turning, so assistance can be provide
7. Mops vending machine areas and keeps machines clean.
8. Checks all public restrooms when needed for cleanliness daily.
9. Checks elevators for cleanliness and clean if needed.
10. Checks lights and changes bulbs.
11. Notifies maintenance of any needed repairs.
12. Checks any vacant rooms for condition and possible occupancy, reporting any
discrepancies to Management.
13. Empty housekeeping trash, guest area public receptacle trash and linen bags.
14. Dust all furniture (picture frames, bed frames, lamps, TVs, dressers).
15. Remove fingerprints and smudges (ex. mirrors, shiny surfaces, windows, etc).
16. Thoroughly clean the bathroom area - wash shower stall, sink, floor, toilet, etc.
17. Make sure that the standard room set-up is complied with.
18. Report immediately all damage found in a room.
19. Report immediately all missing items in room. Report and tag personal guest
items found in vacant rooms to the front office immediately.
20. Take responsibility for pass key and make sure it is turned in daily.
21. Report immediately to the front desk:
No luggage, No service needed, Sleep outs, Extra guests, anything

SUPERVISOR: General Manager, Hotel Manager & Housekeeping Head

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